We provide you with the help you need

Based on our 25years of startup experience, we stand behind the above statement.​

We've coached teams who've won Slush 100 (Meeshkan), the Arctic15 Funding program (Screenful) and most importantly; teams who've grown not just as companies, but also as people.

You coaches are brothers Oki and Aki.

We would like to understand if we are the best people to help your team.

To do that, send us your contact details with the below form, and we'll quickly find out if we're a match.

(If not, we'll recommend someone from our network who we believe can do a better job than us.)

Thank you. You will hear from us soon.

The Innovation Voucher from Business Finland grants you a 5000€+VAT project support, of which you must pay 1000€+VAT to the service provider (like Trainshare) directly. Details can be found here.