Innovation, vulnerability and startups?

Trainshare creates participatory experiences to build

self-awareness and accelerate learning speed.

Theatrical Mask

We are used to being "tough", especially in the business world.​ Vulnerability can be extremely difficult, especially at work. And even more as an entrepreneur. Below, you can read my own example.

Drop the mask

In 2014 I was responsible for creating the first sales for a B2B startup. Our target customers were online yellow page executives. We were doing training calls with the CEO Ajay Garg and our investor from Gorilla Ventures Risto Rautakorpi. I was pushing too hard. Risto noticed this and asked me to "Drop the mask." It was good advice. I just had absolutely no clue how to do it. That mask had been my safeguard since early childhood.

I am still learning how to peel off layers of it.

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