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Becoming the change you want to see
in the world
Theatrical Mask

Identifying meaningfulness

Business and the way we conduct it shapes our world ever stronger. Personally I used to think that our current modus operandi is some kind of a force of nature; somehow fixed. Of course it isn’t. Markets and our behaviour evolve constantly. It is fascinating to observe a transformation so substantial that you cannot recognise the current version from the original. These shifts happen, slowly, constantly, everywhere.

It looks like our current way of conducting business of profit maximisation, exploitation of all possible resources both human and planetary, is coming to its inevitable end. It seems obvious that our best course of action is to steer away from maximising profit for shareholders and instead aim at creating shared prosperity. 

Learning how to do the above by practising vulnerability

The best we can do is to accelerate our learning speed; especially in the areas where we, as humanity, face our biggest challenges. I find learning fast to be difficult. It requires us to be vulnerable by acknowledging that we are lacking in our current behaviour. And that in turn requires us to be self-aware, not just about our current behaviour, but also about the results that that behaviour has produced for us in the past. And that, in turn, requires us to accept our shortcomings and allow ourselves to move on with a sense of hope and accomplishment, rather than shame and bitterness. This is how we can turn self-awareness info business awareness and ultimately evolve organisations that enable change to happen.

Using the above as guidelines Trainshare aims to either work independently or form partnerships with similar minded individuals and companies to enable change in our lives and the society at large.

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